Welcome, I’m Colt Schroeder, your host A.K.A The Buffalo Nerd. The Buffalo Nerd podcast is a passion project that has taken me a very long time to go after. This podcast is meant to engage the Bills fam base as much as possible and allow others who are putting time and energy into the team and the Bills Mafia another avenue to have fun with their passion. I am genuinely excited to go on this journey with you, the Bills Mafia.

So, what can you expect each week from the show? Hmmm…. Oh yeah, football talk, that’s right. On top of that, and at the forefront, each week is all about doing good. Each week we will highlight a charity, cause, or something that helps and tries to support their local communities like the Mafia always does. Weekly guests from all different avenues will discuss something meaningful to them that others should know about. While also giving their point of view about the team that we all love, the Buffalo Bills. I like to keep it light and refreshing, but some things just get me a little bit worked up. I try to keep it to a minimum but come on, I’m a Bills fan; excited is what we do!

We will cover something from the week that was. It may be Bills related or just football in general. Next up, I like to dive deep into a specific roster group, discuss where we are, how we can improve, etc. Then the fun ensues where we will take a swing at something that we think will happen in the future. Being the Nerd that I am, we will talk about a fun fact or something from the team’s history.

If you are here reading this, thank you, I hope you enjoyed the show; please share, comment, and go check out the charities discussed on the shows. I want you to know that this is all about the Mafia and the family mentality. There is a lot that goes on around us that we never even know about. This podcast is meant to be another avenue for advocacy and allowing people to share their love for the team and other meaningful things in their lives. Like the Buffalo Bills, and myself, family, pride, and helping others is in my true nature. So again, Thank you! Please Follow, Like & Share. Go Bills