It’s Time! Breathe & Enjoy It, BillsMafia!

Written by Colt Schroeder

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It is finally here, the moment we have all been waiting for; the most anticipated season I can remember since being a young kid in Western New York during the four-year run. Yet, this year feels even more substantial because the national media believes our wildest dream to be true!

In the past, we would be able to highlight sayings like ” Buffalo vs. Everybody “ as everyone outside BillsMafia was waiting for the other shoe to drop. But, this year, everywhere you turn, the Bills are the best team in football, period, dot, end of the story.

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It almost feels dangerous to buy into this team with all the love and questions that must be answered early—the biggest question, most importantly, at the cornerback position. Hyde and Poyer are the best at what they do, but there should be some concern until we are proven otherwise.

With all the excitement and anticipation, I want all of BillsMafia to be patient and calm during this ride. It is a very long season, and the beginning is the scariest part based on the past and the bits and pieces we have picked up this off-season.

This team has already shown us in this off-season that they may not be perfect, but when all is said and done, it will follow the culture instilled during the Beane / McDermott era. Under their regime, we have prospered and been shown that their beliefs can produce a Championship-quality roster.

I want to win a Superbowl with all of my might!

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Yet, I think back on years of losing and am thankful for what we are experiencing. The Buffalo Bills are a perennial playoff team; we have a franchise quarterback and a culture that attracts the best. We have already won in a sense if we are willing to remember where we came from.

So when we watch Josh Allen raise a Lombardi this year, make sure that you enjoyed the ride, and TRUST the Process because it got us this far!!! #Go Bills

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