Written by Colt Schroeder

The top backs have been hard to trust after a few seasons past. Yet we all come back to the old well time and time again. From my point of view (the bottom of the well), you must, again must, get one of these guys if you can. If you somehow find yourself in a situation where two of them are a possibility for you, I would pull the trigger. The wide receiver depth is considerably better in my opinion.

  • Favorite Player Austin Ekeler
  • Most Stable Jonathan Taylor
  • Biggest Risk Nick Chubb
  • Biggest Payout DeAndre Swift
  1. Jonathan Taylor
  2. Austin Ekeler
  3. Christian McCaffrey
  4. Derrick Henry
  5. Dalvin Cook
  6. Saquan Barkley
  7. Najee Harris
  8. Joe Mixon
  9. DeAndre Swift
  10. Nick Chubb

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